Questions to Consider Before Receiving Anesthetic Care

Questions to consider when receiving your anesthetic care at an oral surgeon’s office, dentist’s office, or oral surgeon’s or dentist’s surgical suite.

  1. Is the facility accredited and licensed to provide the services offered?
  2. What type of anesthetic will I be receiving? 77% of all Oral Surgery cases are done under deep sedation/TIVA.
  3. Who will be providing this anesthetic and monitoring my care while I am having this procedure?
  4. Does the facility have all the appropriate safeguards necessary to provide this level of care and service?; especially equipment with end tidal CO2 monitoring and emergency airway equipment.
  5. Is the staff trained and licensed as well as functioning within the scope of their training and practice?
  6. Each state has different rules regarding deep sedation and General Anesthesia permitting.  Please click here for Georgia State rules.